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Three Reasons to Consider Coworking

Community, productivity, perks — these are just some reasons to consider coworking at Industrious Kansas City.

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Let me start by saying this is a blog post I never thought I’d write. In fact, the idea of coworking wasn’t on my radar until two months ago. I’ve always thrived on the freedom to switch up my work environment every day, and since leaving my corporate advertising job in 2018, I’ve loved my life as a digital nomad. Then COVID happened — and suddenly my days of coffee shop-hopping were over.

Like most of us, I settled into the daily routine of working from home, which was okay…for awhile. But after four months of living and working in the same 600-square-foot apartment, I’d reached my breaking point. I needed a change of scenery, some human contact and a serious productivity boost.

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