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Quiz: What's Your Brand Personality?

If reading these names instantly evokes a feeling or memory, you’ve just proved the power of brand persona. Like people, brands without a personality are just plain boring — and that’s exactly why personality-driven branding is important.Like it or not, we interact with brands on a deeply personal level. Case in point: Have you ever LOL’d at a Progressive commercial? Or shed a tear seeing the Dove ‘real women’ campaign? A human connection was made in those moments, and we have personality-driven branding to thank for that. One of the biggest challenges I face as a freelance writer is working with clients who haven’t established their brand persona. Sure, you can have the most beautiful logo, the smartest business plan, or the most clever slogan, but if you don’t know who your brand is, you’re screwed. Why? Because your brand must feel human to effectively sell to humans. And when you can think of your brand that way – character traits and all – you’ll shorten the time it takes for your audience to recognize, recall and pay attention to you. (Plus, you’ll make my job wayyyyyy easier. 😉)

Is your brand battling an identity crisis? Take this quick two-minute quiz below to get some clarity.

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